YouTube Channels

Dear friends,

I joined YouTube in 2008. I’ve made over 1,900 piano performance and tutorial videos for my channel in my home studio in Thailand.

  • PIANO PERFORMANCE videos are mainly classical and contemporary piano works made for viewers that ask to see and hear how a particular piece is played in an overheard keyboard view. This helps them work out fingering and other technical issues.
  • PIANO TUTORIAL videos are similarly made in response to viewers needing help, usually with advanced works.
  • COMPOSERS send new compositions and, when possible, I record their music so they are able to share their work online and on CD.
  • WILDLIFE ART videos documenting the main stages in the sculptures of Khwan Barton can be seen at (English language) and (Thai language)
  • ART videos documenting the main stages in my paintings can be seen on my Art channel. These videos are embedded on this website.

THANK YOU for taking the time to read this message.

Paul Barton

  • My Patreon link for those that kindly wish to support this channel.