Art: Making a Sculpture of a Dog by Khwan

Our friend Krahan has a dog called Bangkor. Khwan made a sculpture of Bangkor, for Krahan’s new home.

Video Transcript

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The Barton family was heading out of Bangkok to visit friends in a remote village near the Thai-Burmese border. Our friend Krahan has a dog named Bangkor. Khwan, an artist in the family, wanted to create a sculpture of Bangkor for Krahan’s new home. She makes her own clay using a unique method: mixing plasticine with beeswax and pigment, all melted together at a high temperature.

When Khwan showed the finished sculpture to Bangkor, the dog had an unexpected reaction. She seemed to recognize that it was a dog, but was initially unsure what to make of it. It took her a few moments to work it out. Despite having a limp in her back leg, Bangkor still loves going for walks.

After a heartfelt goodbye to Krahan’s family, it was time for the Bartons to return home to Bangkok. The plasticine clay model Khwan used is quite resistant to bumps, unlike traditional water-based clay. Back in her studio, Khwan put the finishing touches on the sculpture of Bangkor, drawing from sketches she had made of the dog from various angles, including both sides, front, and back.

Khwan’s signature style in sculpture is to leave the finger marks visible on the surface, so she avoids smoothing them out too much. Plasticine in clay is not only good for adding small details on animal sculptures, but it also allows for taking a silicone mold directly from the clay original. Wanting to create a series of sculptures of Bangkor, Khwan poured high-grade artist-quality polyester resin into each mold section. Once hardened, she patiently joined each section together. Each of the four legs and the tail had to be reassembled and then carefully sanded to make the joins invisible.

Khwan prefers to paint her animal sculptures with oil paints, believing that the color of an animal is as important as its shape. When Claire Han and his son Sowang came to stay with us, it was the perfect time to show them the little sculpture of their dog. Khwan was also curious to see what Bangkor herself would think of it. Ultimately, Khwan gave the sculpture to Boa for her new home.

If you’d like to see Khwan’s sculpture of Chai the Elephant, here’s the video. Thanks for watching.

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