Treasure Hunt

Book Preview

A dream just came true! The Barton family are happy to announce our first published book is available to purchase in time for Christmas from Barnes & Noble (US) It’s a children’s story called “Treasure Hunt” with illustrations by Khwan and a storyline Emilie and I came up with when she was 4-years-old.

The publisher’s overview:

A tale that is sure to roar into the hearts of young readers! Join the brave dino family on a fun and incredible quest. When Uncle T-Rex discovers an ancient map, it sparks the beginning of an adventurous journey. The entire dinosaur family sets off on a thrilling expedition, venturing through lush jungles, exploring enigmatic caves, and navigating the vast oceans.

This enchanting story is inspired by an original video featured on Paul Barton Pianist’s YouTube channel. Each turn of the page brings a new discovery, as the dinosaur family faces exciting challenges and uncovers the secrets of their prehistoric world.

Perfect for young explorers and budding adventurers, this tale combines the excitement of a treasure hunt with the magic of storytelling. Get ready to dive into a world where dinosaurs roam, mysteries abound, and every moment is an adventure waiting to happen!