Paul Barton was born in Yorkshire, England in 1961. Studied at the Royal Academy of Arts London at 16 years old. Won first prizes for portrait painting and portrait drawing in annual student competitions. Graduated at 20 years old with the The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation prize. Exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and Royal Society of Portrait Painters.

Paul’s portrait sitters include the prominent British politicians Roy Jenkins, Sir David Steel, and business leaders, Sir John Harvey Jones. Private commissions include entertainment personalities, actors, writers, musicians and numerous individual and family portrait groups.

Transitioning to music, Paul’s exceptional piano performances swiftly propelled him towards the limelight. However, he soon recognized that the life of a concert pianist wasn’t his calling. This realization led him to Thailand for a brief stint as a piano teacher, a decision that would profoundly shape his future. In 1996, Paul married Khwan, a talented wildlife artist. Today, they work together from their studio as freelancers.

Paul embarked on a revolutionary journey, impacting classical pianists globally. Paul offered free tutorials and captivating renditions of classical masterpieces on YouTube since 2008. His unique approach and skillful interpretations have garnered a dedicated international following, eagerly anticipating each of his new releases. Paul Barton’s journey from an award-winning artist to a beloved piano mentor epitomizes his versatile talent and dedication to the arts.

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This website features a selection of my portrait paintings and drawings. Click any image for a closeup view. Short videos demonstrate the main stages of the work from start to finish. Occasionally works are seen alongside the sitter.

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